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CWU Annual Conference 2014 - Youth Day

31 October 2013

The National Youth Committee has decided to try and increase the attendance at Annual Conference by young members of the union.

The statistics are worrying: in 2012, there were 50 delegates aged 30 or under. In 2013 that figure had shrunk to 40. Yet conversely, the contribution made by young delegates to conference is increasing in number and in the appreciation shown by other delegates.

The Youth Committee naturally hopes that all branches will make every effort to include a young member as part of their delegation, especially as voting members of the delegations can vary according to the subject under debate. The Youth Committee is also urging all branches to facilitate the attendance at Annual Conference as a visitor or as an observer a young member of their branch on at least Monday, 28 April 2014.

The National Youth Committee will be organising an event specifically aimed at and for young members to ensure that their day is both worthwhile and memorable. The Youth Committee believes that by giving more young activists the opportunity to experience the environment of Annual Conference, it will act as an encouragement to their continued activism and further development within the union.