BT Group - Pay 2014

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BT Pay Talks to Continue

2 June 2014

The CWU met with BT last week to pursue the Union’s claim for an increase of 3% plus £500 which would be fully consolidated and pensionable and again reiterated our case. In response the company stated that they were not currently in a position that would allow them to increase their current offer which was again rejected by the CWU.

BT Group - Pay 2014

The current offer which they have termed “fair” is as follows:

  • A fully consolidated 2.0% base pay award for the Team Member population who are NewGRID grades and Loyalty Advisors agents;
  • The Company is open to discussions on the construct of this award, for example a flat-rate percentage award or a fixed amount, or a combination of both these approaches;
  • A 2.0% increase to those allowances automatically uplifted in line with the NewGRID agreement;
  • In addition, we would want to discuss further a non-consolidated flat rate ‘sharing in success’ payment for all Team Members who are NewGRID grades and Loyalty Advisors agents.

BT Prefers Multi-Year Pay Deal

The company however, did outline their view that a multi-year pay deal was their preferred approach, due to the increasing stability of economic forecasts including inflation. They believe that such a pay deal would both benefit the company and team members as it would allow the company to more accurately calculate their team member pay costs going forward whilst growing the company and give more certainty to CWU members for an extended period. A major factor to this is the current discussions taking place on the “Future BT Employment Proposition” between ourselves and the company which potentially would create thousands of new jobs but would also result in an increase in pay costs. We are adamant that this should have no impact on existing employees and therefore we can see a benefit to a longer term pay deal.

The company has made it clear that they would be willing to increase their offer against this background taking into consideration the RPI (currently at 2.5%) and other relevant factors which can be forecasted over the next few years. The BT Pay Team will be recommending to our Executive this week that we explore this approach but have made it clear that this must be completed in a very short timescale as the patience of our members is fast running out.

Further meetings with the company will take place and members will be kept informed of progress.