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CWU Political Fund Reveiw Ballot

7 October 2014

As a result of the Trade Union Act 1984, to maintain a political fund, the union has to renew our political fund resolution every ten years. Our current resolution expires on 11 November 2014, therefore, we have to renew our resolution and obtain authority from CWU members in England, Scotland and Wales to maintain a political fund. This entails carrying out an individual members ballot.

CWU Political Fund Ballot

In the first place, the union has to agree the rules of the ballot and the timetable with the certification officer. We have been in contact with the trade union Certification Officer (CO) and have achieved preliminary agreement of our proposed rules for the ballot. In addition, we have reached agreement with the CO on the timetable. The NEC has endorsed the proposed rules and the timetable.

The proposed rules, although being preliminary agreed with the CO, now have to be submitted for final approval.

Ballot Timetable
Ballot Opens6 October 2014
Ballot closes28 October 2014
Counting of ballot commences29 October 2014

What The Political Fund Does

Having a political fund ensures the CWU has the freedom to lobby politicians and to campaign to protect workers' rights

These are just some of the campaigns made possible by our political fund:

  • Save Our Royal Mail
  • Closing the Loopholes Justice for Agency Workers
  • CWU 'Bite-Back Campaign'
  • Keep The Post Public Coalition
  • Delivering Digital Britain

Without a political fund we loose our political voice.