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TUC Young Workers Month

7 November 2014

November 2014 has been designated by the TUC as Young Workers' Month. The aim of TUC Young Workers' Month 2014 is to highlight the issues that young workers face, promote union campaigns and union membership and activity amongst young people.

CWU Youth has planned a number of initiatives during the month of November and encourages young members to get involved.

Initiatives throughout the month will include:

  • A competition asking for ideas for new CWU Youth publicity material: http://www.cwuyouth.org/979/-competition.htm
  • A special meeting of the PEC to discuss with postal Youth Committee members the issues that concern them and how the PEC can assist/support them.
  • A union-wide survey of young members to try and identify their key issues of concern overall.
  • The "How to" guide for senior branch officials for supporting and assisting Branch Youth Officers will be updated and re-launched.
  • Region-by-region survey work to identify new young activists will continue.
  • Full participation in the TUC's Big Debate on 15 November at Congress House: http://www.tuc.org.uk/events/big-tuc-youth-debate

The Twitter hashtag for the month will be #YWM14.