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Annual General Meeting 2015

6 February 2015

This year’s Annual General Meeting will on 27 February 2015 at 7.30pm at the Holiday Inn, Lakeview Bridge Road, Cambridge, CB24 9PH.

Annual General Meeting Agenda.

  1. Roll Call.
  2. Apologies.
  3. Minutes of the Last AGM.
  4. Consideration of any Reports.
  5. Election Results of Officers and Committee. (see below)
  6. Election for unfilled Posts.
    1. Welfare Officer(s) or Welfare Officer.
    2. BT Fleet Officer.
    3. Political Officer (Must be a paying the political fund).
    4. Youth Officer (Must be 29 years old or under)
    5. Auditors 2 posts.
    6. BAME Officer, Union Learning Rep and BTFS Officer.
    7. Delegates to Annual Conference.
      Eddie Lawrence
      Garry Barker
      Lee Davey
      Dave Thompson
      Dave Hill
      Deborah Martins
      Georgina Pugsley
      Dave Anglestein
      Trevor Ottoway
      Graeme Harvey
      1st reserve –Graham Potter
    8. Committee members.
    9. Election of USR’s and leads. (List to be circulated at AGM)
    10. Election of Welfare Fund Trustees. (Financial Secretary elected automatically)
      1 Branch Officer & 1 Welfare Officer.
  7. Guest Speaker Richard Hayes.
  8. Other Business pertaining to the AGM.
Branch Elections 2015 - 2017 – Nominations
ChairpersonTrevor Ottoway
SecretaryEddie Lawrence
Financial SecretarySteve Willett
Health & Safety Co-ordinatorDave Hill
Political Officer 
Equal Opportunities OfficerDave Anglestein
Retired Members OfficerGraham Potter
Postal OfficerTony Woodward
BT Fleet Officer 
Women’s OfficerGeorgina Pugsley
Education & Learning Officer 
Youth Officer 
Assistant SecretaryDave Thompson
Assistant SecretaryGarry Barker
Assistant SecretaryLee Davey
BAME Officer 
Union Learning Rep. 
BTFS Officer 
Welfare Officer (elected AGM) 
Committee MemberChristopher Noculak
Committee MemberDeborah Martins
Committee MemberSara Miah
Committee Member 
Committee Member 
Committee Member