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Call to Withdraw 'CyberStreetwise' Ads

21 March 2015

Dave Joyce (CWU National Health, Safety & Environment Officer) and Donald Brydon (Royal Mail Group Chairman) have written to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) to express "shock and unwelcome surprise" at adverts used as part of a 'CyberStreetwise' campaign that trivialise and make a joke of dog attacks on Postal Workers - 3000 of whom are attacked and injured by dogs every year.

CyberStreetwise Advert

Online Security Campaign

CyberStreetwise is a Government campaign, led by the Home Office, working with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and the Cabinet Office. It aims to improve the online security, safe behaviour and the confidence of consumers and small businesses. One of the things it promotes is safe passwords.

Dave has called on the Government to scrap the "appalling", CyberStreetwise campaign adverts which suggest that a good CyberStreetwise password to use would be "dogPostm@nD1nner".

CWU "Bite-Back" Campaign

Dave spearheaded the Union's "Bite-Back" campaign which won radical changes to the UK's Dangerous dogs laws, extending the law to private property, bringing in tougher controls and harsher court sentences. He has written to Defra and Home Office Ministers three times. In his most recent letter Dave told ministers:

"Clearly Defra and the Home Office must realise that dog attacks on Postal Workers are far from being something to trivialise and make fun of! These incidents are terrifying, painful and injurious experiences for thousands of victim Postal Workers, who suffer both physical and psychological injuries, some of whom are so severely disabled and disfigured they never fully recover and are unable to continue as a Postal delivery workers."

Early Day Motion

The CWU's protests are gaining widespread support and Luton Labour MP Kelvin Hopkins has put down an Early Day Motion, number 857 in support of the CWU. We have urged all MPs to sign the EDM and would ask members to contact local MPs on the subject seeking their support and signing The EDM.

Donald Brydon, Royal Mail Group Chairman, also sent a letter to Ministers supporting the CWU's complaint about the offensive adverts.

Dave Joyce said:

"For a Government advert to display publicly 'dogPostm@nD1nner' as a 'Strong Password' to use is in itself totally irresponsible and insulting to thousands of Postal workers apart from encouraging dog owners to think that if their dog bites the postman or woman it's funny and not serious. We urge a re-think on these adverts and request they be withdrawn and replaced at the earliest opportunity."


That this House calls on the Government to withdraw the 'Cyberstreetwise' publicity campaign which makes a joke of dogs biting postal workers; notes that over 3,000 postal workers are injured every year and that two were nearly killed in 2007-08; believes that education, training, encouraging responsible dog ownership, enforcement and prevention should be a priority and further believes this good practice will also be welcomed by the many thousands of party supporters who will be delivering leaflets in the coming weeks.