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National Male Cancer Helpline

19 April 2015

The Male Cancer Charity 'Orchid' exists to save men's lives from testicular, prostate and penile cancers, through pioneering research and promoting awareness. Orchid wants to support men in every way they can.

Orchid - male cancer awareness leaflet

45,000 men will be diagnosed with a male cancer every year so early detection, diagnosis and treatment can make a difference, helping to increase survival rates and ultimately save men's lives. Everyone has a role to play in helping to raise awareness of male cancers.

Orchid Helpline

A diagnosis of cancer can be a frightening experience meaning a person can feel quite isolated as they may not know anyone else who is having to face the same challenges and mix of emotions. An important part of their work is to raise awareness of male specific cancers - prostate, testicular and penile cancer - and to provide practical advice, support and information on the detection, diagnosis and treatment of these diseases. Any member with concerns is welcome to call the Helpline or use the e-mail address for free, personal advice.

Orchid Awareness and Education

Orchid regularly travel around the country providing male cancer awareness sessions to workplaces, schools, companies and in the community.

Help Raise Awareness

A moment of awkwardness could save a lifetime - Lets talk about male cancers - Let's beat cancer sooner.