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CWU Youth Housing Campaign

27 September 2015

CWU Youth used the CWU Annual Conference this year to help promote their housing campaign.

row of terraced houses

The campaign pledges to pursue:

  • Increasing investment in genuinely affordable housing,
  • Affordable housing for families and workers on low income,
  • Bringing down the costs of renting,
  • Increase security and quality of tenancy,
  • Lifting the restrictions on local government preventing council house building and working with other social landlords to increase the stock of affordable housing available,
  • Maintain existing social/council housing stock by limiting the right to buy.

Part of this campaign is to gauge the housing situation in reality and we have re-launched a survey that originally took place in 2012. This survey will be on-going throughout the campaign. This is an important survey and will hopefully add to the debate concerning affordable housing and the need for regulation in the private rental sector. Results will be issued on a quarterly basis and will inform the basis of future campaigning that will take place.