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You Decide the next Labour Party Leader

12 July 2015

Following the resignation of the Labour Leader Ed Miliband in May 2015, the Labour Party NEC confirmed the timetable for the election of a new Leader and Deputy Leader of the Party.

The election will be conducted on a one member one vote basis as agreed under the Collins Review. CWU Members paying the political levy will only be able to vote if they register as an affiliated supporter. This aspect of the Party Reforms allowed for a five year implementation plan. However, the unexpected requirement to elect a new party leader (and select a London mayoral candidate) following the general election has meant there is a need for all unions to advance plans to sign-up their Political fund paying members as affiliated supporters.

It is important that we maximise our influence and make sure that in future the new leadership cannot ignore our collective trade union voice.

Newly elected CWU General Secrearay Dave Ward says:

Dave Ward, CWU General Secretary

In standing to be General Secretary I have made it clear that the Labour Party will not continue to get something for nothing from the CWU and that our relationship with the party needs to change. We have to originate policies that advance our members' interests and start to change the balance of forces in society and the world of work.

The prospect of a Tory government attacking trade union rights, selling off Royal Mail and standing by as agency workers are exploited in a race to the bottom underlines the need for an opposition that is on our side. The Labour leadership elections are a first step towards securing this.