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Charter for Asbestos Victims Launched

12 July 2015

The Asbestos Victims Support Groups Forum UK has issued a Charter for Justice for asbestos victims. The Charter sets out a small number of easily affordable reforms that would make a real difference to asbestos victims.

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This country owes a debt of justice to asbestos victims and their families. We all have a duty to make sure victims receive the help they need. We all have an interest in making sure that asbestos is removed from the buildings we live and work in so that no one suffers in the future.

This new Charter sets out how we could achieve these aims working together and building support through a collective voice. We hope everyone can support it. In particular we would like politicians and policy makers to support and adopt it.

The Charter

Asbestos Victims Support Groups Charter for Justice covers:

  • Welfare Justice.
  • A Fair Compensation System.
  • The Right to Decent Medical Treatment.
  • Properly Resourced Medical Research.
  • Prevent Future Asbestos Tragedies.
  • Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit should be retained.
  • Posthumous payments under the Pneumoconiosis (Workers Compensation) Act 1979 and the 2008 Diffuse Mesothelioma Scheme payment rates.
  • Constant Attendance Allowance should be automatic.
  • Payments from the Diffuse Mesothelioma Payment Scheme should help all asbestos disease victims.
  • 2006 Compensation Act should be amended to treat asbestos related lung cancer victims the same way as mesothelioma sufferers.
  • Compensation claims which are settled when the sufferer is alive should be treated in the same way as those settled after death.
  • The 2007 Mesothelioma Framework should be revised.
  • Every part of the UK should have a specialist mesothelioma nurse.
  • Continue UK Medical Research.
  • Launch a national public information campaign on the dangers of asbestos in the workplace, home and public environments.
  • Introduce a tough regulatory framework that ensures people who break the control of asbestos regulations get prosecuted.
  • Address the issue of asbestos in schools and introduce a national audit of all schools to identify the presence and condition of asbestos and a long term policy to eradicate asbestos from our schools.