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Mobile Phones and Driving

31 December 2010

driver using mobile phone

In the regulation that came into force on 1 December 2003, it is a specific offence to use a hand held phone or similar device, when driving.

Legislation on Mobile Phones and Driving - Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What does the regulation say about hand-held phones?
  2. Is hands-free phone equipment allowed?
  3. What about texting/Internet access/video phones?
  4. Will drivers still be able to use navigation equipment or personal digital assistants (PDAs) or other computer equipment that sends or receives data (which would include GPS transmissions)?
  5. Why are you not banning the use of hands-free mobile phones while driving?
  6. Will mobile phones have to be switched off in vehicles?
  7. What if the phone rings when I'm driving?
  8. Who do the new regulations apply to?
  9. Do the new mobile phone regulations apply to cyclists?
  10. Can I use a hand-held mobile phone when stopped in a traffic jam?
  11. Are there any exemptions?
  12. Will I be able to cradle a phone between my ear and shoulder?
  13. Are employers guilty of an offence if their employees use a hand-held phone while driving?
  14. Are two-way radios be included in the new offence?
  15. If you prohibit using mobile phones, then surely you'll have to stop people talking or tuning the radio? What powers do the police have?
  16. Is the offence endorsable?
  17. Where can I go for more information?