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Safety Checks using BT Ladders Extension

16 January 2010

Members who use ladders should be aware of the following briefing that BT has issued regarding Safety checks to be completed when extending ladder sections on all variants of Ladders Extension, (Engineering Memo No: 2/2008 issue no 1).

man up a ladder

The briefing explains it is essential when the top section of a ladder is extended, to verify the rung hooks are fitting correctly over the rung of the middle section with the Gravity Safety Latch sitting beneath the same rung. You must ensure the Gravity Safety Latch on the top section has positioned itself beneath the rung to stop any possibility of the hooks climbing over the rungs and allowing the section to drop. Similarly if the hooks are incorrectly positioned on top of the ribbed face of the rung, subsequent extension of the middle section could cause the hooks to drop back off the rungs and allow the top section to drop down.

  • It is mandatory that on extending each section, the user must visually check to ensure the hooks are sitting correctly over the respective rungs.
  • It is also mandatory when the top section is in position, to push against the bottom foot of the top section to ensure the sections are securely locked together. At this point the latch will knock against the bottom of the rung giving an audible, as well as a physical, confirmation that the top section is in place.