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Health and Safety for Disabled Workers

16 January 2010

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the Disability Rights Commission (DRC) and HSE Northern Ireland have jointly developed a new Health and Safety Web Site and produced an "Easy Read Guide" for Disabled Workers and their Employers entitled "Health and Safety for disabled workers and people who work with them".

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The Web Site promotes good practice in disability equality at work. It provides:

  • An introduction to disability discrimination and health and safety law;
  • Advice for people doing health and safety risk assessments;
  • Advice for disabled people;
  • Links to further sources of information, including grants.

It states that Employers should:

  • Make sure they manage work risks for everyone;
  • Take account of disability, avoiding assumptions;
  • Involve disabled workers and their Safety Representatives in doing risk assessments and making "reasonable adjustments";
  • Consult others with appropriate expertise where necessary;
  • Review the situation if necessary, working with the disabled person and/or their safety representative.