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CWU Advisory Committees

26 July 2009

The CWU has six equal opportunities advisory committees.

The role of the Equal Opportunities advisory committees as defined in National Rule 5.8 is to:

Advise the NEC's, advise the Industrial Executives and have an integral campaigning role on equal opportunities issues with the NEC's Equal Opportunities sub committee.

Members of the advisory committees are elected at annual conference and where possible attempts are made to ensure that the advisory committees reflect the gender and ethnic origin of union members. The chair of each advisory committee is entitled to attend the National Executives Equal Opportunities Policy Committee in a non voting capacity.

Disability and Special Needs Advisory Committee

Disability and Special Needs Advisory Committee

The Disability and Special Needs Advisory Committee (DSNAC) was set up to advise the Equal Opportunities Department and provide information relevant to our disabled members.

The DSNAC is committed to furthering the needs of our members who have disabilities and special needs. In particular they aim to break down the barriers in society and in employment that prevent people playing a full part and getting equal shares of opportunities and benefits. They also aim to promote disability awareness in the CWU and in the industries where we have members. The DSNAC is building a network of activists to promote equality issues in the CWU and at work. The network will help and encourage others who wish to become active or need support.

You can email fhussein@cwu.org to be added to the DSNAC contact list.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Advisory Committee

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Advisory Committee

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender members face discrimination, bullying, prejudice and harassment in the workplace, as well as being disadvantaged by the lack of legal recognition.

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Advisory Committee (LGBTAC) seek to help provide a better environment in and outside of work. The Committee produces a regular newsletter called "OUTtalk" that is circulated to all branches and to a network of members that have contacted the unions Equal Opportunities Department. There is an in confidence circulation list for people who wish to receive "OUTtalk".

Race Advisory Committee

Race Advisory Committee

The Race Advisory Committee (RAC) aims to support all minority groups discriminated against by race or religion.

By campaigning, publicising and through the union's education programme, the RAC hopes to increase interest and awareness of such issues. The RAC hopes to encourage Black and Asian members and ensure more participation at all levels within the union.

Retired Members Advisory Committee

Retired Members Advisory Committee

The CWU now has over 22,000 retired members. The advisory committee objectives are to promote the interests of all retired members and to campaign on matters that are relevant such as Pensions, Healthcare and Mobility. The policy of the committee is to encourage every CWU Branch to establish a Retired Members Section.

Women's Advisory Committee

Womens Advisory Committee

The Women's Advisory Committee (WAC) was formed to look at areas of concern to women in the union.

They have campaigned on issues such as low pay, childcare, lack of promotion, part-time working, training, recruitment and stereotyping of "women's" and "men's" jobs. The WAC aims to improve the amount and quality of women's participation in the CWU, to ensure that an agenda relevant to women is promoted in all National negotiations and to link up with other organisations working on behalf of women.

Youth Advisory Committee

Youth Advisory Committee

The CWU's Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) exists to co-ordinate and advance the interests of our 45,000 members under the age of 30.

Its 12 members are elected by Conference each year and they are augmented by four members of the National Executive Council and supported by an officerial team at head office.

The inaugural CWU Youth Conference took place on Sunday, 16 October 2005.

  • CWU Youth has joined the Facebook community www.facebook.com - email Jo Thair: jthair@cwu.org to ask for an invitation to join the CWU Youth Facebook group.