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CWU Equal Opportunities Department

17 January 2010

The CWU Equal Opportunities Department works to protect and maintain the rights of individuals and minorities through the branch Equal Opportunities Representatives.

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This can range from offering advice on work related issues to representing a member at a tribunal. Equality is such an important issue within the union that our commitment is made in an equality statement and rule 2 of the union national rules.

CWU Equal Opportunities Statement

The Communication Workers Union is committed to Equal Opportunities for all its members inside the union, in society and in the workplace. This means:

  1. No discrimination in relation to race, sex, marital status, any disability, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation, ethnic or national origin or age in accordance with the CWU Rules and specifically 2.1(d). This list is not intended to be exhaustive.
  2. Promotion of policies designed to ensure that any barriers or disadvantages arising intentionally or unintentionally from items listed in (a) above are overcome as far as possible. This will apply equally to physical and non physical causes of the barriers or disadvantages.

CWU Rule 2.1 that states the CWU shall:

  1. To actively oppose all forms of discrimination based on race, creed, religion, age, political affiliation, disability, marital status, sex or sexual or gender orientation in industry, the Union and society in general. To this end the CWU shall actively oppose any organisation, political or otherwise, whose aims are racist or fascist;
  2. To promote and encourage proportionality and fair representation of all members, in industry, the Union and society in general;
  3. To actively identify any cause or barrier that prevents the Union being fully representative of its members. This shall include positive action in favour of women and ethnic minorities until such time as the Union is satisfied that its structure reflects and supports the gender and racial balance of the members it represents;

Equal Opportunities is important, as it affects the dignity of the individual. The CWU's commitment to equal opportunities is, therefore, an integral part of the other terms and conditions it aims to achieve for all members.

Senior Clerk: Fevzi Hussein
(0208) 971 7205