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CWU Womens' Conference 2010

27 November 2009

CWU Women's Advisory Committee

The CWU Womens' Conference will take place on Saturday 20 February 2010 at the Village Hotel, Coventry.


Each Branch is entitled to send two delegates to the Conference. Observers are also welcome to attend. It would be helpful, for administrative purposes, for details of observers to be entered on the Delegate form. Admission to the Conference for observers is by production of their membership card.


Each Branch is entitled to submit one motion for consideration to be included on the agenda of the Conference. The agenda will be structured to maximise debate and participation by delegates.

The CWU Womens' Conference has the entitlement under the rules of the union to submit two motions to stand in the name of the conference to General Conference. It is therefore important that if branches wish their motions to be in this category, they must contain policy that is capable of being discharged by the NEC, as opposed to either of the Industrial Executives. The two motions for submission to the General Conference agenda will be decided from amongst those motions adopted at the Conference.