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CWU Youth Conference 2010

27 November 2009

CWU Youth Advisory Committee

The CWU Youth Conference will be held on Saturday 30 January 2010 at the Birmingham District Amal Branch Office, Birmingham.


Each Regional Youth Committee will be entitled to submit one motion, each Branch will be entitled to submit one motion to the Conference Agenda. The Youth Advisory Committee will be entitled to submit three motions to the Conference Agenda. . As with previous Conferences, the two motions for submission to the General Conference agenda will be decided from amongst those motions adopted at the Conference. A ballot to select those motions will be held at the Conference.


Branches are entitled to send delegates based on the number of young members in the branch.


Observers are also welcome to attend. Admission to the conference for observers is by production of their membership card.

Election of Delegates to General Conference

The Standing Orders for the Youth Conference will advise a ballot to select these two delegates and it will be conducted during Conference itself. Nominees must be members of the Union and have the support of their branch and/or Regional Youth Committee.

Social Event

There will be a social event organised for the evening of Friday 29 January 2010 - details of this will be advertised nearer the time.