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CWU commits to OCD-Action mission

26 July 2009

Nationally there are considered to be around 3-4% of the population who have some form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) this equates to roughly 8,000 CWU members who will have some form of OCD.

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is the name given to a condition in which people experience repetitive and upsetting thoughts and/or behaviours.

Representatives from the Disability and Special Needs Advisory Committee (DSNAC) and the CWU Equal Opportunities Department have met with Megan Karnes from OCD Action to discuss a pioneering project. The CWU is the first trade union to have approached OCD Action to work on a project of this nature.

The idea hails from a motion carried at the hugely successful 2007 CWU Disability and Special Needs Conference, where the issue was highlighted by the Oldham and Rochdale branch. An agreement has been reached that will see the CWU and OCD Action work together to raise the profile of OCD not just within the CWU but also the wider trade union movement.

Fevzi Hussein Policy Assistant in the Equal Opportunities Department said "we have an obligation to raise awareness of these issues amongst our membership similar to what we have done recently on the Dyslexia theme".

The Equal Opportunities Department will be sending out more information on this issue in due course though if you want more information the OCD Action website is an excellent resource point.