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Noise and Hearing Loss

28 March 2009

The TUC has teamed up with the Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID) to ask Britain's 28 million workers and their managers to 'break the sound barrier' and take the charity's new telephone hearing check by calling 0845 600 55 55.

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The RNID initiative is aimed at the four million people in the UK who could benefit from wearing a hearing aid, but who currently do nothing about it. Many older workers are struggling to get by at work either because they are too ashamed to admit to their hearing loss or because they have no idea what to do about it. Many may also be reluctant to advertise it for various reasons.

Many employers have also welcomed the new telephone hearing check and are keen for their staff to take it as it can to help employees identify any hearing problem and assist in rectifying it which will in turn help workers to be as productive as possible at work, be safer at work and enjoy life better. The RNID said that both noise induced and age related hearing loss can take a real toll on people's confidence in the workplace.

RNID's telephone hearing check is a simple and non-intrusive way of finding out whether digital hearing aids and practical changes to the work environment could help people at work and help them stay in work. Simple solutions such as amplified telephones and loop systems for hearing aid users can make the world of difference to someone with a hearing loss and enable employees to perform at their best.

CWU National Health and Safety Officer Dave Joyce has welcomed the new hearing test initiative and encourages members to take the test.