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Workers Memorial Day - Recognition Soon?

6 May 2009

The Department of Work and Pensions has announced that the Government is looking at officially recognising Workers Memorial Day.

The CWU Health, Safety & Environment Department along with the TUC, other trade unions and safety campaigning groups have welcomed the announcement. This is something the CWU has campaigned for, for a long time and have written to the Prime Minister about virtually every year.

Workers’ Memorial Day (which takes place on 28 April each year) has become a major event on the trade union calendar to commemorate the thousands of people who have been killed, seriously injured or made ill through work. The consultation is an opportunity to help ensure that the day is given official recognition in future years.

Official recognition of Workers Memorial Day would acknowledge the terrible toll that work has placed on many families whose loved ones have been killed at work or more slowly through a disease caused by their work. It will also act as a reminder of the need to ensure that action is taken to ensure that such deaths along with serious work injuries are prevented in the future.

The Secretary of State is now launching a formal consultation which will run until the autumn seeking the views of trade unions and other interested parties. The Government has acknowledged that there is a huge amount of support for the Day and there are many ideas for consideration, including a lasting memorial to all those killed and harmed by work activity.