Openreach Service Delivery Transformation

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Conference Debate on Openreach SDT

21 June 2009

Openreach Service Delivery Transformation was debated at the Telecoms and Financial Services Conference on Wednesday 10 June 2009.


Emergency Motion E1 was proposed by the Telecoms and Financial Services Executive following a detailed presentation of the Executive's rationale by Ian Cuthbert the national officer with responsibility to the T&FSE. The proposition asked for conference to endorse the T&FSE's decision to put to the members a proposed agreement detailed in LTB 452/09 with a recommendation to accept.

The presentation included a summary of the economic climate, the need for Openreach to cut its cost base to allow it to be competitive in the current and future market and the potential consequences of not reaching an agreement.

Delegates clearly understood the situation, but the mood of conference was clear. There was a mass of opposition from members with only one contribution from the floor to support, not in support of the content of the agreement, but to allow the ballot to go ahead and let the membership decide. Contributors time and time again challenged aspects of the proposal, including attendance and grading. The outcome was that the proposition fell.

A subsequent proposition E7 was carried. This called for the Executive to ballot the membership with a recommendation to reject the proposed agreement.