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Sick Pay in BT Group

26 July 2009

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If you are on sick leave for six months, or have had sick leave due to the same accident, for a combined total of six months in any one period you may go on to half pay.

To apply to continue with full pay for 12 months you must do the following, with the help of your union.

  1. Register the accident on form B195 at the Department of Work and Pensions (this form is sent to you by the branch when we are informed of you accident) The DWP will then write to you and confirm their decision about your accident.
  2. Return the confirmation letter from the DWP to the branch. We will copy and forward the form to the appropriate department in the company.
  3. When you have been on sick leave for a total of four months you must contact the branch and your line manager as the decision process will have to be started about staying on full pay or going to half pay after the sixth month.
  4. The reason to start the process after four months is because it can take up to eight weeks for the company to process the claim to stay on full pay for the remaining six months.
  5. If you do not register your accident you will go on to half pay.

Rough Guide to Sick Pay

  • January 10 - Accident at work, reported via 0800 671345 and contact made with union branch and form B195 returned. The decision letter sent to you by DWP must be sent to the branch.
  • May 10 - You are still on sick leave so you must contact the branch and we will have to start the process now if continuity of full pay is to be achieved.
    Failure to act at this point in time will almost certainly result in you going to half pay in two months time as the decision process will not be complete.
    Your manager should also be making you aware of your pay situation at this time.
  • June 10 - The decision process should now be complete and you will have been informed by the company about your pay for the next six months if you are still on sick leave.

The above procedure will also apply if you have periods of sick leave due to the accident which add up to six months in any one period.

Please contact your branch regularly if you are on prolonged sick leave.