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BT Exchanges in Hot Weather

27 July 2009

The Health Safety and Environment Sub Committee of the T&FSE has received assurances concerning the provision of facilities in MDF's during hot weather.

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In the first instance engineers concerned about the temperature in MDF's should approach their line manager who will assess the workplace risk according to the health and safety policy.

It is the responsibility of local management to procure fans and chilled water services for engineers. This applies to all hot frames. Where the frame is busy and there is a lot of equipment close by, fans are not enough.

The CWU has agreed with BT Operate where two or more engineers are working on a hot frame that a temporary air conditioning solution will be provided. The union has further agreed that where the equipment in proximity of the frame is exceeding normal operating limits that a permanent cooling solution will be provided.

Where the temperature on a frame with two or more engineers is high, resulting in fatigue and an increased safety risk, the line manager should request temporary air conditioning.

Where a frame is hot but does not qualify for provision of a cooling solution then appropriate extended cool down breaks should be taken in line with health and safety policy and with prior agreement with the line manager.

  • Full information for managers can be found in the Network Power & Cooling Policy, Technical Note No.805, Issue 5.