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BT: Withdrawal of Paper Payslips and P60

17 February 2012

BT has announced its intention to cease the provision of paper payslips and P60 tax notifications.

The provision of electronic payslips and P60s is already in place for a significant proportion of employees. Up until now access to BT systems prevented this being rolled out to everyone. Now only a very small number of individuals do not have access. From 1 April 2012 pay slips and P60s will be provided on-line.

The union has sought assurances for that small number of employees and they will continue to receive paper copies. Additionally employees who cannot access BT systems because of, for example, long term sickness or maternity leave will also continue to be sent pay slips. Employees that are required to provide evidence of earnings and have no access to printing facilities will also be able to request paper copies via Steria.

In the future employees current months payslip can be accessed via Gatekeeper and a three year history will be available.