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Openreach Annual Leave (Service Mgmt)

26 March 2012

The National Team (and Service Management Single Point of Contact) has been in discussion with Openreach regarding a number of issues relating to annual leave within Service Management. A document has been sent to team members outlining the changes which will be put in place as a result of those discussions.

In essence the changes cover the following areas:

  • Implementation of the process earlier in the year;
  • Give individuals more notice;
  • Release slots throughout the day with none released earlier than 9:00am;
  • Provide an alternative option for booking should individuals not be at work during the week the leave becomes available;
  • Increase the Summer Leave limits for 2013 to 18%.

As a result of these changes it is anticipated that the availability of leave will be improved and therefore the allocation will become fairer.

The National Team (including the SPOC for Service Management) will, in conjunction with Openreach, be monitoring the effect of these changes in coming months and discussing any issues which may arise.

At this point the `Saturday Rule’ will still apply in Service Management. The National Team are still discussing this issue with Openreach with the objective of its removal as soon as is practicable.