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Openreach: Mobile Workforce (MWF) iPOP

17 June 2012

The CWU National Team met Openreach on 7 June 2012, to receive a presentation and proposal on a trial of iPOP within the mobile workforce. The trial will run for six weeks from Monday 18 June 2012 in Eastern, Scotland and North East Regions.

To date the MWF have been measured using the jobs per day (jpd) measure (based on tours of up to 5 jobs per day) alongside the standard quality and safety measures. As multi-skilling continues to be rolled out and the MWF no longer just carry out managed install tasks, Openreach have recognised that the simple jpd measure may no longer be fit for purpose and is potentially unfair. The CWU National Team have made clear to Openreach our views and position on the jpd measure.

In order to try and improve that position the trial will use the productivity measure from iPOP, but not effectiveness and efficiency. The major reason for that decision is that iLMs are not fitted in all the MWF vehicles and there is no proposal or decision on Openreachs part to do so. In essence both measure sets will run in parallel for the six week period.

The trial will be assessed by the National Team after the six week period and prior to any national rollout.