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BT Pension Scheme: On Line Modeller

17 June 2012

CWU Head Office have received a number of complaints regarding problems with the operation of the on line modeller for the BT Pension Scheme.

In particular, the modeller still does not take into account service after April 2009 and is causing confusion and concern. There have also been complaints that service before the age of 18 and non-contributory service may not be listed correctly.

The CWU has raised concerns on this issue with BT on repeated occasions, so it is particularly disappointing and frustrating that the modeller has still not been updated. BT have sais that the problem is being dealt with by Accenture and will shortly be resolved, hopefully in the next two months.

If members have concerns about quotations that they have received via the modeller then they should contact Accenture by email on or by phone on 0800 731 4747.