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Openreach: Resourcing 2012-13 - Field

26 June 2012

The subject of resourcing has been a long running issue between the CWU and Openreach particularly as a result of the company continuing to use third-party labour outside of the agreements which exist between the CWU and Openreach, specifically, the High Level Resourcing Principles (HLRP) and NewGRID Agreements.

The National Team has been in intensive discussions, the result of those negotiations has delivered the following major outcomes:

  • By the end of March 2013 at the latest all BAU work in Service Delivery (Field) will be done by direct labour and all Kelly and Quinn and agency resource will cease.
  • An increase in the number of permanent direct labour of 700. This will be achieved by the transfer of internal resource in the first instance.
  • Should there be a shortfall in filling the 700 posts for BAU work with internal transfers, then it will be made up by external recruitment.
  • Detailed negotiations on a number of in-sourcing opportunities, including surveying, cable recovery, offshore work and frames (bulk changes). The National Team are already in discussions to bring back soft dig work.
  • An absolute commitment from Openreach to work within the terms of the HLRP and NewGRID Agreements going forward.
  • The extension of Fixed Term Contracts (FTCs) until 31 December 2012 and the offer to ex-FTCs (back to January 2012) the opportunity of working to 31 December 2012. The National Team will be kept informed of the number of people who wish to take up this opportunity. FTCs will be invited to an interview later in the summer if their performance levels match the required standards. This is in line with the process applied in previous exercises.

The National Team is committed to ensuring that as many FTCs as possible are converted to permanent direct labour contracts. A key element of that will be the coaching and development support given to them, including interview techniques to ensure their success.

The National Team will continue to meet with Openreach on a monthly basis to ensure that the above commitments are being met and in addition, on a quarterly basis, be provided with information relating to building the ongoing resource plan. This process will ensure that Openreach operate within the terms of the HLRP and NewGRID Agreements.