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CWU Executive Elections - Results

29 April 2009

Results of voting for the CWU Executive Elections which closed on Monday 27 April 2009.

Representatives that were recommended by our branch are shown bold in the lists below

Engineering Executive:
Tom Cooper4,055Elected
Jerry Ryan3,748Elected
Andy Gibb3,743Elected
Simon Trim3,742Elected
Dave Jukes3,667Elected
Dan Andrews3,421Elected
Steve Catterall3,344Elected
Jeffrey Till3,041Elected
Gus Alleyne2,882 
Tricia Clarke2,282 
Duncan Strivens2,247 
Mick Houghton2,018 
Clerical NEC:
Eddie Beese1,254Elected
Karen Rose1,228Elected
Graham Colk1,122Elected
Clive Walder406 
Constituency Representatives:
Julia Upton1,176Elected
Nick Derbyshire1,021Elected
Clive Walder339 
Linda Kietz291 
Brian Kenny1,268Elected
Debbie Hardy1,190Elected
Rob Alldritt1,181Elected
John Turnbull1,148Elected
John Ellsbury1,063Elected
Linda Kietz373