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Openreach: Pole Testers - Move to SD

8 August 2012

The CWU National Team met Judy Dean (Director Network Integrity) regarding the reduction of 25 Pole Test roles and the transfer of individuals to Service Delivery (SD).


  • Openreach discontinued the use of boron rods in April due to the performance of the resistograph at detecting decay. The time saved from this change has increased the number of tests Openreach can complete every day. It has also contributed towards the present cessation of overtime working other than in exceptional circumstances.
  • Openreach have been working with the Safety team during Q1 to agree the test protocol for poles classified as depth or shallow depth. Openreach recently confirmed that it is safe to conduct a dig of these poles when they are mounted in soft ground or a Resistograph test when they are in a hard surface. During the course of this review, Openreach discovered that a significant number of these poles have already been dug in Cycle 11 and can therefore be removed from the workstack.

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria for roles in SD will be identical to that used across the rest of Network Investment. The CWU team took the opportunity to discuss the previous exercises with Judy Dean and were given assurances that the process was robust and that inappropriate matches would not take place and to ensure that managers are fully briefed on the provisions of NewGRID in relation to Pay & Pension Protection etc. The CWU will monitor progress in that regard.