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Openreach: MWF Parking at Home

15 September 2012

Since agreement was reached that all individuals who are part of the Mobile Workforce (MWF) are covered by the Parking and Garaging at Home Policy the data collation process is now complete and face to face 1:1s will now take place in order to agree the appropriate commute times.

Openreach have confirmed the process and the range of commute times to be discussed. The majority of members will have commute times of less than 30 minutes. The small number of cases where the commute time is currently greater than 60 minutes will be reviewed further with the intent to bring them within a 60 minute commute time. It is envisaged that process will be completed shortly.

The National Team believes members will welcome this development and the fact that Openreach will now treat them on an equal and fair basis along with their colleagues in relation to the application of PNL/EMP/C051.