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Openreach: Service Management Grading

1 October 2012

Discussions on a roles and grading review within Openreach have been ongoing for some months. The original implementation date of 1 July 2012 was put back until 1 October 2012 to allow further site visits and negotiations to take place.

A number of site visits have been carried out and the CWU National Team (assisted by Mark Elwen Service Management National SPOC) have submitted detailed feedback to Openreach on our findings. It has become clear that, due to the ever changing work mix and increase in NGA work, further detailed analysis needs to be completed, specifically within the CMC environment.

Openreach will continue negotiations with an implementation date of 1 October 2012 for those in the DCoE, and 1 April 2013 for those in the CMC work-streams. It is hoped the discussions on the DCoE grading will be completed in the coming weeks. Whilst the operative date will be 1 October 2012, the following safeguards have been put in place:

  • Backdate to 1 October 2012 any grade changes that would involve individuals being moved to a higher grade following the selection process used within a particular site.
  • That all TMs affected by any grade change will have a personal one-to-one to clarify their role and Job Description prior to any formal contractual change taking place.
  • Any Pay and Pension Protection (PPP) will not be invoked until after the one-to-one has taken place.

The CWU welcomes the commitment from Openreach to move forward on this issue with a view to reaching agreement. The National Team will continue to work with Branches and members to ensure a positive outcome to this complex set of negotiations.