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Openreach: Change to 'Idle' Task Process

9 October 2012

The National Team (NT) was informed that there has been a change to the way in which NO (Idle) tasks will now be dealt with at the end of day.

In simple terms "NO" task activities are currently built to cover situations when there is no work available. The NO task activities are built with nominal 30, 60 or 90 minute durations. A new process is being introduced to the time built on NO task activities at the end of the day when work is not available to be completed by the individualís scheduled finish time. All NO task activities will now be built by the Control to time durations that match the individualís scheduled finish time minus one hour.

The introduction of the new process does not change the agreement we have in relation to individuals managing their own flex, both on and off. If at the end of the day an individual has activities which should be completed e.g. stores, CBTís, e-mails etc. then that should still take place. It is not the role of the Control or OM to `instructí individuals to flex on or off.