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Reminder to Join BTRSS

1 May 2009

Many BT people who were contributing to the BT Retirement Plan (BTRP) have still not joined the BT Retirement Savings Plan (BTRSS).

BT has written to members who have not joined the BTRSS confirming:

  • If BTRP or SLFPP members join now they will be able to get BTís contributions from 1st April reinstated as long as they pay their own contribution for the relevant period.
  • Current levels of death in service benefits will continue for May and June.

The letter from BT includes a form to join the scheme, people can also join via the BT Intranet.

If you would like your pension contributions to begin from May 2009 you will need to return your completed form to Accenture by 12 May 2009.