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BT: Modern Apprentices – Pay Progression

23 November 2012

The Executive Team has received a proposal from BT to change the arrangements for Modern Apprenticeship Pay Progression.

The proposed change broadly reflects the arguments put forward by the Union in 2008 when the current arrangements were introduced without agreement on the back of the changes imposed on October Progression arrangements.

The principle changes being proposed are:

  • When the apprenticeship is complete and signed off the apprentice should move to the minimum of the main pay band for the role they have joined, whenever in the year that occurs.
  • Apprentices should then be treated in the same way as promotes and be eligible for the following October in range review on a pro-rata basis to reflect the time between their apprenticeship ending and the following October review.

The main rationale for the change has been the variety of lengths of apprenticeships that have now become common. From the Union’s point of view Apprentices that assimilated early were often prevented from receiving a further raise in the following October. This was always seen by the Union as an anomaly and a different treatment compared to other employees being promoted.

The Union is still seeking some clarification on the specific changes to the MA October Progression Policy and the impact on the 2007 Agreement on Apprentice Grading changes mid-apprenticeship as a result of the introduction of the changes.