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Closing the Loopholes Early Day Motion

2 February 2013

As a result of the CWUs successful Agency Action Day Jim Mcgovern, Labour MP Dundee West, has laid down an Early Day Motion (EDM).

Early Day Motion 959:

"That this House notes and understands the Close the Loophole campaign by the Communication Workers Union which seeks to end the use of the Swedish derogation used by many UK companies to bypass the promoted equality of the Temporary Agency Worker Directive (TAWD) agreement which sought to end decades of unequal treatment towards temporary workers; also notes the pay between assignments practice used by agencies which appears to go against the general spirit in which the TAWD was agreed; and calls for the Government to work towards the closure of loopholes that allow the exploitation of agency workers."

The General Secretary has written to all MPs seeking support for EDM 959. The Agency Campaign Team would like members to check that their MP has also signed.