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Openreach: Memorandum of Understanding

8 February 2013

The CWU National Team has been discussing the use of Contractual Overtime (COT) with Openreach with a view to reaching agreement on the basis on which it may be invoked. Openreach set out the legal definition of MBORC in recent a letter, as well as a commitment to reach agreement with the CWU on the above Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

The NT has now reached agreement on the contents of the MOU.

The NT obtained input from the Regional Single Points of Contact (SPOC) on their requirements from any agreement, and believes that the principles have been achieved in the MOU document.


  • The NT have secured agreement with Openreach that COT will only be used in exceptional circumstances and that all mitigating actions to avoid the use of COT will be explored and acted upon where appropriate.
  • The agreement makes clear that the decision to invoke COT can only be taken at Managing Director level or above, that the CWU will be consulted nationally prior to COT being invoked and that the decision to cease or reduce the requirement for COT is taken by the appropriate GM.
  • During any period of COT the GM will meet with the appropriate SPOC weekly and the CWU will be provided with an information pack relevant to the work function affected.
  • The NT continue to work towards a position that the level of direct labour is in place across Openreach to ensure that the use of COT is infrequent and only in exceptional circumstances.

The MOU gives the CWU at both National and Regional level input to the decisions which are made to avoid the use of COT and will continue to work hard to ensure that is the case.