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BT: Removal of High Level Review

12 May 2009

From 13 May 2009, the High Level Review (HLR) will no longer be available for new cases under BTís Discipline, Grievance and other procedures.

The CWU has consistently challenged the legality of the decision without success. The justification used by BT is that a change in the statutory Disciplinary and Grievance regulations renders a High Level Review stage unnecessary. The union does not accept this and we have obtained independent legal advice, citing parts of government policy and the new ACAS Code of Practice which contradict the companyís position. We have emphasised the importance and value of the HLR policy to all sections of the BT community.

Regrettably the companyís fundamental position is unchanged. BT claims that only a very small proportion of cases which were considered at the HLR stage resulted in any change to the original decision, and that this is evidence that the procedures are already robust without the HLR.

Cases already logged on BTís systems are unaffected by this change.