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BT Group: Changes to Early Leaver Scheme

18 April 2013

BT Group has announced changes to the terms for early leaver schemes. Senior BT management have for some time been debating the need for early leaver schemes, against a declining need to reduce numbers on a large scale.

BT has reduced the terms over a number of years and also declared that there will be no further BT Group-wide schemes. While there have been schemes in individual Lines of Business these were still based on BT Group terms.

It has now been determined to firstly, make a step change in the BT Group terms and secondly, to indicate the next change and its timescale.

The changes have been provided to the Union and they impact upon the minimum and maximum terms.

  • The minimum payment will be three months (previously six months) with a minimum qualifying service of two years (previously one year).
  • This will be the last paid leaver scheme that offers a maximum 12 month payment. From the end of Quarter 1, any future paid leaver schemes will be subject to a reduction in the Group terms with the maximum payment reduced to nine months.