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Openreach SD Field: Resourcing- BT Sport

6 May 2013

Discussions have been taking place with Openreach with regard to the resourcing implications associated with the launch of BT Sport.

Existing Commitment

Openreach had already agreed an additional 1000 direct labour posts to be recruited against the projected peak of work associated with the launch of BT Sport. The additional recruitment is for 400 apprentices (at B2 grade) and a further 600 B1 engineers to carry out the Managed Install and TV workstreams only. If they were required to attain any additional skills they would then be placed on the appropriate NewGRID pay scale.

Direct Labour Recruitment and Third-Party Workforce

A presentation was given to the Union which gave details of the progress made to increase the direct labour workforce within Service Delivery Field by 2240 FTE from both internal and external sources. That recruitment has resulted in more than 1000 external recruits being employed by Openreach. The central purpose of that agreement was to ensure that there was sufficient direct labour (DL) to deal with the business as usual (BAU) workload in 2013/14 and set a benchmark for any discussions on the use of third-party labour or the need for additional DL going forward. How the BAU workload was calculated and its key components were also set out in detail, including the future use of overtime.

The presentation also covered in great detail the projected volumes of work associated with one-off re-grades, fibre special offers and the TV workload which will peak in Q2 of 2013/14. The principal reason for the peak will be the start of the football season.

CWU Position

The NT listened carefully to the feedback from Branches in relation to the information which had been presented and have taken cognisance of that during their subsequent discussions.

The key principle for the NT and Executive in dealing with the proposed use of non permanent resource to deal with the peak of work associated with the launch of BT Sport by BT Retail is that it is within the terms of the High Level Resourcing Principles (HLRP) agreement. At this stage, the precise scale of the volume of work is not known but it is estimated to peak in Q2 at an additional 2500 FTE, 1000 of which will be the additional new direct labour recruits stated above.

In dealing with the use of third-party resource the NT have ensured that their use will be on existing skills and TV functions and will not be on repair, or in the UG network.

The use of third-party resource ahead of the launch of BT Sport is to backfill those who left on paid leavers, those who failed training, those still in training or buddying and the shortfall in productivity of those recently transferred in, to or employed by Openreach.

Additional Third-Party Resource

Openreach also require additional third-party resource to complete non permanent work associated with special offer re-grades, fibre offers and other CP short term offers ahead of the launch of BT Sport.

The levels and use of third-party resource will be jointly monitored by the provision of data to the CWU at GM and SOM levels and will be subject of discussions between the CWU SPOCs and SD Field GMs.

Further Direct Labour Recruitment

The NT have secured a commitment that work associated with TV will reach BAU levels by 31 December 2013 and that the required level of direct labour will be discussed in the coming months to support that. In essence should the BAU levels of TV work reach volumes which exceed the already agreed BAU workload and additional 1000 new external recruits, then further direct labour will be employed by Openreach.