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BT Performance Management - Review

16 September 2013

As part of the CWU's on-going discussions with BT on Performance Management, they have agreed to an Independent Review of Management Practices and Well-being within BT.

The review has been commissioned under the auspices of Paul Litchfield, BT Group Chief Medical Officer (CMO), with support provided by the Well-being Inclusion, Safety & Health (WISH) Centre of Expertise. Dr Nita Clarke, Director of the Industrial Participation Association, has been asked to undertake this work.

The main purpose is to provide an independent report evaluating the day-to-day employment experience of staff and the consequential challenges to employee engagement and well-being. The focus will be initially on the UK engineering workforce and workers who are older and/or have lengthy BT service and will attempt to establish whether any deficiencies are isolated or widespread and recommend any further adjustment to people management practices that may be needed.

The union will have the opportunity to meet with Dr Nita Clark at the beginning of her Review and the outcomes will be shared with the union. The Review will start soon with a view to reporting to the CMO by end of November.