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BT Job Reductions

15 May 2009

BT published full year financial results on 14 May 2009, covering many aspects of the companyís performance and including the news about job reductions.

The company plans to reduce the total labour force by 15,000 over the coming year. This is a challenge for the CWU with serious implications for our members and BT employees across the company. The scale of the headcount reductions reflects the magnitude of the financial and economic challenges facing BT, which are at a level never seen before in the history of the company.

BT have said they have no plans to make compulsory redundancies in the UK, and that they intend to preserve jobs for permanent employees wherever possible. The Union is working with the company to explore ways of reducing BTís Total Labour Cost without the reduction in headcount. This includes helping people in the BTTC to find placements by making sure that internal candidates are considered for new roles.

BT has had a difficult year financially as todayís end of year results illustrate, but the CWU will do all we can to protect jobs for those who wish to stay with the company, and to defend pay and conditions for all our BT members during these challenging times.