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SD: Transition to Winter Working

29 September 2013

The National Team (NT) have continued to discuss with Openreach the practical application of the new attendances which will be in place following a positive result in the consultative ballot which will be held between 7 and 16 October 2013.

Subject to reaching that final agreement, the following arrangements will be put in place this year to support the transition. These changes are seen as positive by the NT. The detail regarding these issues and how they will be dealt with in future years is covered in the Latest News article: SD NO&TV: Winter – Proposals and Ballot.

Transition Arrangements

  • On lates, Openreach will not schedule anyone to finish after 18:00; nearly all finishes will fall between 16:00 and 17:00 with start times of 08:00, 08:30 and 09:00.
  • On overtime for this winter only, Openreach will provide guaranteed overtime to field engineers with at least CAL/OMI skills. The final details regarding this element are still to be finalised.
  • Openreach will introduce a process for individuals to swap Saturdays to help people who have already made commitments for those days.
  • On annual leave Openreach will honour ’paid for trips’ on the back of any booked leave made before these proposed changes (8 August 2013.
  • Christmas leave, any individuals that have booked (prior to 8 August 2013) one week’s leave between 24 to 31 December, which included existing rostered day’s off, will be honoured. Openreach will also review forecasts and lead times nearer the time to see whether extra leave slots during the festive period can be granted too.

Lates – Further Detail

As a result of the removal of lates, the following sample rosters have been supplied to the NT for those who choose and are allocated these options following the preference exercise.

5 day week

10 x 08:00 – 15:52
2 x 09:00 – 16:52
1 x 09:30 – 17:22

9 day fortnight (14 week rota)

13 x 08:00-16:40
1 x 09:00-17:40

14 day 3 week (15 week rota)

10 x 08:00-16:22
3 x 08:30-16:52
2 x 09:00-17:22

19 day 4 week (based on a 12 week rota)

10 x 08:00-16:14
2 x 09:00-17:14

Changes for those currently on a five day week.

Individuals who do currently work a five day pattern that have scheduled attendance after 18:00 will also have those scheduled attendances after 18:00 removed. The most frequently worked pattern currently has an 11:00-18:52 schedule one week in 13. There are approximately 2000 engineers that fall into this category. That one week would be changed to 09:30-17:22 and this will bring them into line with what most people will be moved to. If an individual had a personal and domestic requirement to continue to have late attendances, Openreach will seek to accommodate that through the normal P&D processes.

The NT will continue to discuss with Openreach the practical application of the proposed changes which would be put in place subject to a positive result in the consultative ballot of members affected.