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SD: Winter Working Negotiations

29 October 2013

The intention of the National Team (NT) is to ensure that any changes to attendances will be governed by a collective agreement with the CWU. By doing so the NT are seeking to ensure that the introduction of unagreed changes to attendances can be avoided.

The NT is currently discussing with Openreach how a solution to the issues between us can be found, following the outcome of the recent consultative ballot. These negotiations include possible solutions to attendance changes for this winter and also going forward for future years. There is a willingness by both parties to spend the coming days working towards that joint aim and an agreed way forward. In order that wider input to these discussions can take place, a meeting with Openreach Single Points of Contact (SPOCs) will be held later this week and a further Branch Forum early next week.

Openreach have issued a document to all team members in SD Field and NO&TV. This sets out the company’s position on their revised intentions and also a commitment to reach an agreed way forward as a result of the current negotiating process.

The Executive and NT continue to be clear that any unagreed attendance changes imposed on our members will result in the CWU conducting a ballot for industrial action. Neither the contents of the Openreach communication to their staff nor the contents of this article change that policy in any way.