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Openreach Service Enablement Resource

22 January 2014

The use of agency resource in the frames environment was agreed under the terms of the High Level Resourcing Principles (HLRP) agreement. The number increased during the year and was discussed with the NT and reported to the Openreach Briefing Committee.

Openreach have set out a further requirement until the end of February 2014. The NT have been successful in persuading Openreach to create a number of additional permanent roles within Service Enablement (31) and these have been filled from the BTTC, OPU and to resolve MCC cases. In addition, a number of fixed term contracts have also been created.

The NT is continuing to discuss a long term solution to the resourcing issues caused by the volatility of the work volumes within the frames environment. Some agency resource will be stood down due to the fact that in some areas provision volumes have reduced as the business concentrates on the repair workstack.