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Openreach SD - B1 Upskilling

24 January 2014

The National Team (NT) has been pressing Openreach to upskill and regrade those individuals employed during 2013 at B1 grade to B2. To date, nearly 400 have been regraded with c.200 remaining.

Openreach have written to confirm that the process will now be completed and the appropriate training and financial uplifts put in place. Individuals will be given a 5% increase or lift to the B2 minimum whichever is the greatest in line with NewGRID. The bonus scheme associated with the B1 MITV role will also be ceased with the interim payments stopping for individuals at the point of pay increase.

In relation to those moved from Service Delivery Field and into NO&TV, Openreach will continue to review these individuals with a view to ensuring that, where possible, adjustments can be put in place to enable those in scope to be more fully utilised and, where appropriate, re-graded to B2. The CWU will play a part in that process through regular meetings and case referrals with Openreach.