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Openreach: Bonus / Incentive Schemes

27 February 2014

The National Team (NT) had met Openreach on 11 February 2014, to discuss some early work being done by Openreach relating to possible bonus/incentive schemes.

The company has now written to set out the basis on which they want to discuss these issues with the CWU NT.

Focus Groups

The company has also carried out a number of focus groups around the country based around the following set of fixed questions:

  1. If people feel their contribution is valued?
  2. What do they believe motivates employees?
  3. How different do they think the source of motivation is across employees?
  4. How they believe they are rewarded for good performance?
  5. What size of uplift in performance do people believe they could get from incentivisation?
  6. If people believed incentivisation was useful how much would you need to pay for it to be attractive?
  7. Do you think people should have the choice to be in an incentivisation programme?
  8. What proportion of people would be willing to give up overtime guaranteed pay rate if they had the ability to earn more from better performance in normal working hours?
  9. What could be the drawbacks from such a scheme?

The NT have made clear to Openreach that we believe the question relating to overtime rates is inappropriate and should be removed from any future exercises.

Further Discussions

Any discussions held by the NT with Openreach on this subject will be under the auspices of NewGRID Annexe K that sets out a protocol for the introduction and review of any incentive scheme.

It is important to note that no proposals have been received from Openreach, as at this stage no decisions have been made to progress the issue.