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Openreach: NO&TV iLM Rollout

27 February 2014

The National Team (NT) met with Openreach to receive a presentation from the company on the proposed use of iLM data for those employed in National Operations and TV (NO&TV).

Currently 64% (approx.1450) of the NO&TV vehicles have an iLM installed. New Fiat Doblo vans are to be delivered and allocated to NO&TV in February and March and these already have iLMs installed. In addition, Openreach plan to install iLMs in the remaining vehicles in the NO&TV fleet. Once there is 100% installation of the devices, the company will be able to use the data to support performance improvement discussions across the NO&TV field workforce.

The company has written to set out the basis on which this will be done and confirms that the use of the data will be in line with the agreed Code of Practice. Training events are being arranged to coincide with the completion of the programme to fit the devices.

The new generation of iLM's have the ability to capture additional information and produce new data streams. It has been confirmed and agreed that the information will not be visible to line managers, therefore the data cannot be used and should Openreach wish to do so in future it would be the subject of consultation and agreement with the CWU NT.

The NT has taken the opportunity to raise concerns about the impact the introduction of this technology will have on our members in NO&TV. The company recognise the potential change to working relationships and have committed to approaching the introduction in a supportive way. A key instrument in ensuring that this is the case will be the attendance of our representatives at the training events and working closely with our members in the coming weeks.