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BT Group: Resourcing Survey

7 March 2014

With the impending completion of the term of Sharesave Plan 10 and the 5 year issue, BT in its discussion with the Union has realised the significant benefits that will accrue and that employees may leave the company as a result.

The gains that can be realised, notwithstanding any economic and global events which may happen between now and the qualification date, are considerable enough to allow, subject to personal circumstances, employees to consider employment and life style changes.

This significantly concerns BT to the point that it would not wish to find it has either insufficient resource by skill type by location and which precipitates a service crisis. In order to plan to mitigate against any such events, discussions have taken place on launching a pan-wide BT Group Survey which will be run within each Line of Business.

Discussions have taken place on the content of the survey and in particular balancing the needs of BT to obtain meaningful data and for the Union to secure anonymity. This has now been achieved and attached is the Openreach example using the agreed pan-BT Group questions. Lines of Business are required to consult with the Union nationally if bespoke LoB questions are required and on the nature of the detailed supporting message.

The findings of the survey will be shared with the Union nationally.