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Openreach: SD and NO&TV Winter Working

13 March 2014

Winter working will come to an end on 22 March 2014, at this point, individuals will revert to their original roster pattern which was in place prior to the agreed temporary changes.

The National Team (NT) have met Openreach on a number of occasions since November 2013 in order to discuss future arrangements for maximising daylight hours. It was agreed in November 2013 that both parties would enter these discussions with a view to reaching agreement between negotiators by the end of February 2014. A commitment was given by the Executive and NT that the outcome of any discussions would be placed before the members in a consultative ballot.

No Agreement Reached

Unfortunately it has been difficult to discuss in any detail the impact the change to winter working rosters has had as a result of the weather, levels of loans as well as voluntary and contractual overtime. As a result, we have been unable to reach an agreement between negotiators at this time and it would appear that this is unlikely to be the case for a further several weeks.

Consultative Ballot

The Executive and NT would wish to reaffirm that any agreement reached between negotiators for the future use of alternative roster patterns during the winter months will be placed before those members affected in a consultative ballot.